SCR and SCRT Catalyst Renewal

In the automotive HGV, plant, and bus industries the fitting of SCR catalysts is necessary to adhere to Euro 4, 5 and 6 emission regulations.

The de nox system is particularly sensitive to all of the adjoining components which comprise the system as a whole – the Ad Blue injection function, the quality of the Urea and Fuel, engine control and condition of the turbo are but the most significant factors which affect the life span of the catalyst core, and the convertor in general. Even under optimal performance conditions and proper usage, the gradual deterioration of the catalyst is inevitable.

Instead of replacing with expensive OEM components, DPF Deep Clean offer a reliable professional alternative with industry leading results in the field of catalyst renewal/reconstruction.

Catalyst-Monolith Replacement/Structural Reconstruction

In some cases catalysts can deteriorate to a point where they become so toxic that the structures integrity becomes unable to provide the chemical regeneration. In this case they need to be replaced by new monoliths (catalysts) in order to fully restore the catalyst conversion. Often when a turbo failure occurs, and a new turbo is fitted without having dealt with the oil contamination of the catalyst, the catalyst core can burn out  leaving no alternative other than replacing it with an expensive OEM part or having the catalyst replaced at a fraction of the cost by our reconstruction process.

DPF Deep Clean has gained substantial experience in the automotive emission field gaining valuable insights into the service demands placed on SCR/DOC and SCRT systems within the logistics industry. Our turnover time can be matched to your specific requirements and can guarantee to deliver a professional service according to mutually agreed time limits. Reconstruction/restoration and technical support on all types of catalytic convertors (SCR/DOC/SCRT) fall under our field of experience.